Going Back in Time to Play with Jane - JASNA AGM Washington D.C....get ready for fun! Jane Austen Fans!!

What a privilege to be able to travel back in time and live, dance and eat in the Regency World! If you haven't attended one of these events- you should consider joining - at the very least try to attend a Jane Austen Festival! Photos from DC to come....also, I would never be able to be in Washington D.C. without posing as a Suffragette around town... photos to come!!

Bienvenue au chocolat Victorian Moules Blog. Mon Fils Letang Paris Catalogue est gratuit sur Amazon pour Kindle

Bienvenue au chocolat Victorian Moules Blog. Mon Fils Letang Paris Catalogue est gratuit sur Amazon pour Kindle et je dois aussi beaucoup de moules à chocolat anciennes en vente sur mon site web- s'il vous

#World Mental Health Day - Reach out to those you know are in need...they can be gone in a moment

Please don't give up - you are not alone. Tomorrow may be a better day-- hang on to HOPE- we change constantly, nothing stays the same. Please hang on - ask for help via hotlines/email. You matter more to someone than you know....if you leave this world early- your friends and family will never be ok with it- grief is paralyzing- oddly similiar to depression.

Here is just one of the many help lines available--most of these volunteers have been through either depression or have been left behind by suicide-they will listen.

Samaritans 24-Hour Crisis Hotline (212) 673-3000

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Grammar police......by the way....an artist cannot express themselves with a template....it is archaic and time to move into the Modern Art Phase of Writing!!

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Victorian Chocolate Molds by Wendy Kolar Mullen

Happy Independence Day!! Celebrate The 4th of July 2013!!

What a Sweet Parade...Love The Dresses...Precious...Happy 4th!!

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