FREE! New Children's Book for Kindle - Wendy Went Wing Walking !

My Wing Walking Journey was so Amazing that I wanted to share it, and hopefully inspire children and adults to live their dreams-as I did. Never give up, no matter how long it takes--it will happen. I hope you enjoy my journey, I hope you find inspiration, at the very least, I hope you are entertained! 
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Wendy Kolar Mullen Wing Walking Mason Wing Walking Wendy Went Wing Walking on Amazon
Wendy Went Wing Walking ♥

Wing Walking With Mason Wing Walking Air Show Acrobatics!

Wendy Kolar Mullen Wing Walking Mason Wing Walking
Top of the World!
I finally fulfilled my Dream to go Wing Walking!  Well, it was much more than getting out on the wings of the plane and standing in place---the Hammer Heads, Rolls and Loops took it to an entirely different Air Show Quality Level! My Husband volunteered to go with me---so much more fun, as he 'Barnstormed' the Filmore Train while on top of the wing! We both had flight suits--although, the wind was determined to rip our clothes off--it was more wind than anticipated by myself, anyway. It was a fantastic experience, definitely would say add it to your bucket list, Mason Wing Walking Academy , run by Mike and Marilyn- well, I can't say enough about their kindness and thorough training before we left the ground. They are the ONLY Wing Walking School in the WORLD, I feel so fortunate...anyway, here are a few pics, I think in most of them, we are upside down!  Click Here for Link to the YouTube Video
Wendy Kolar Mullen Wing Walking Mason Wing Walking
Coming out of a Loop

Wendy Kolar Mullen Wing Walking Mason Wing Walking
Half Way Upside Down or Right Side Up?

Wendy Kolar Mullen Wing Walking Mason Wing Walking
"Wing Walking" 

Wendy Kolar Mullen Wing Walking Mason Wing Walking
Getting Ready to Roll!

Wendy Kolar Mullen Wing Walking Mason Wing Walking
Just Chillin

Wendy Kolar Mullen Women with Spirit over 50! Wing Walker

Patrick Wendy Mullen Wing Walking Mason Wing Walking
Patrick the BarnStormer!

German Holiday Exports - Papier Mache Candy Containers Book Available Now on Kindle!

If you are nostalgic for European Holiday items, this book is for you! The History of Papier Mache Candy Containers is captured here for all of eternity; photographs of very rare antique Candy Containers will sure to hold you blissfully captive. Enjoy the Timeless Journey...the Kindle version is now available- please Click Here
Candy Containers A Timeless Journey by Wendy Kolar Mullen Kindle
Candy Containers: A Timeless Journey by Wendy Kolar Mullen

Trapeze Party 49th Birthday at Oakland's Trapeze Arts with Wendy Kolar Mullen

....Soaring Through the Air with the Greatest of's the Woman on the Flying Trapeze! Truly Amazing- Obviously I was a bit clumsy getting my legs up--this was my first time and I would recommend it to anyone!
Wendy Kolar Mullen Trapeze Birthday Party! 49 years!
Higher Up than you think it would be!
Wendy Kolar Mullen Trapeze Birthday Party! 49 years
Small Talk so I don't have to Launch :)

Wendy Kolar Mullen Trapeze Birthday Party! 49 years
Grabbing the bar is difficult--need to work my arms out!

Wendy Kolar Mullen Trapeze Birthday Party! 49 years
One of the scariest you are being held back by your harness

Wendy Kolar Mullen Trapeze Birthday Party! 49 years
Once launched you have to remembe the routine!

100th Birthday Party at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California- Celebrating a Century of Love♥

Receiving an invitation for a 100th Birthday Party seems like a once in a lifetime absolutely have to go! This was such a joyous celebration of Love and Life; it is amazing what a truly Loving Woman is capable of doing in 'just' a hundred years! 'Nan'- as almost everyone calls her, is the true embodiment of sincere and heartfelt Love
 Live to Love and be Loved like Nan....a Century of LOVE... a Hundred Years spent on loving everyone around her! Perhaps a hundred years on this earth is a Gift given to those few who will use their time to Love
Happy 100th Birthday 'Nan' ... Truly the Face of Love ♥
Nan has made such wonderful use of her time, she has inspired me to be more and do more, to smile more and love more. Walking to the car after the celebration, I was reminded that we may never know how the way we treat others will affect their lives...reinforcing the need to spend more of our time here on this earth in Love and Gratitude
 ♥Happy 100th Birthday to the Face of Love...Nan♥ 
Hayes Mansion San Jose California 100th Birthday Wendy Kolar Mullen
Photo Booth Fun: When you can't reach the prop box and get stuck holding the huge beer bottle!

League of Women Voters - Women's History - Feminists - my Book, Suffragette Soul is FREE for next 5 days on Amazon!

Refresh your knowledge of the Suffrage movement- this book is non-fiction, based on true events and packed with history-even a Gorgeous Suffragette Photo Gallery! A fun Saturday afternoon read, reminding us all of the sacrifice's made for a Woman's right to Vote...if we have a Vote, we should use it! My book is FREE on Amazon..I hope you enjoy! 
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LWV Alice Paul Lucy Burns Woodrow Wilson Washington DC Suffrage Parade 1913
Suffragette Soul by Wendy Kolar Mullen 

New Book Cover in the Works by Wendy Kolar Mullen

Finishing up my new novel-which I thought would be a work of fiction, however, it has turned into a work of non-fiction- possibly an Autobiography or Memoir; I wasn't expecting this, books have a way of changing things 'on their own'. Editing the book now-definitely not my favorite part of being a writer-and as it is transforming into a memoir I have to decide when to end the final chapter...feels strange to say that, a bit dark somehow. On a lighter note, my book will be available through Amazon by the end of November- I shall keep you posted :) 
Wendy Kolar Mullen MissFortune's Daughter A Memoir
Wendy Kolar Mullen New Book Cover October 2017

Chris Scott Country Music Video - Good for your Soul

Recently 'found' Chris Scott Country on Twitter @cscottcountry 
Really Great Songs - I always love a good video...his are great and very thought provoking. Here is a link to a youtube video that can't help but remind you to live in Gratitude
 Click Here for Chris Scott Country You Tube Video "Worth a Million" by Chris Scott  or Click on the Screen Shot below!
Chris Scott Country "Worth a Million" on Youtube Wendy Kolar Mullen
Chris Scott Country Video "Worth a Million" YouTube

Summer's End brings Final Mission Fig Harvest in San Juan Bautista, California - a Mission 'Fig' town :)

I Love Mission Figs...and living about a half block from the San Juan Bautista seems appropriate to have a Mission Fig tree in our yard. A wonderful bonus with this amazing tree is .... TWO Fig harvests per year! Delicious, Scrumptious, Gorgeous... FIGS... grateful for nature♥
Spanish Missions Figs Fruit Trees California
Scrumptious Mission Figs....Gorgeous Pink! opening Pandora's Box! MugShots ? Of course...

If the only way to find one's ancestors is in the Mugshot book--- you hope for the best. Thinking, well, they were probably falsely accused or it was for something 'dumb'...or you find it was serious and they were convicted-and that's where you come from. You then start wondering what fabulous traits you may have inherited from this amazing group! Time reveals far too little--- my comfort, least our ears don't match.
Here is the illustrious line I come from-- J.A. Graham was a man my Great Grandmother met while visiting her husband in prison...she married him, helped him break out of jail, hid him under her house and was written up in the papers as coming after the police with her 'womanly wiles' - or what we would call a rolling pin. My Great Grandmother was obviously a woman to be reckoned with--strong and brave, but- possibly needing some extra guidance when choosing a judgement truly-- just wish I knew more. Here's the Line up.... My Great Grandfather Frank:
Great Grandfather Frank Kolar

Great Great Uncle James Kolar

Step Great Grandfather J.A. Graham
Very Happy to finally put faces to the names...I am sure they all redeemed themselves and were model citizens for years to come...yep, that's my family.. Digging into the past can truly be like opening Pandora's box- all I am left with is Hope--Hope that they redeemed themselves and didn't pass too many DNA traits on...again- no judgement.

Sugaring Old Fashioned Pansies from the Splendid Seed Savers in Iowa

Old Fashioned Pansies come with many surprises....fragrance, abundance and resilience! I LOVE these Pansies, they are "The Historic Pansies Mix" from 

Seed Savers Iowa Historic Pansies Mix Wendy Kolar Mullen
Gorgeous Pansies- Love the colors and of course the Frangrance
 They are amazing and have been blooming for months...I even found a newly opened seed pod to try for next season.  

I LOVE finding Seeds!! I am a Seed Saver! 

Yesterday, I was determined to save the last few blooms for sugaring-as I realized the summer had gone by, I had meant to sugar those pansies every time I saw and breathed in their fragrance-but, had failed to do so.
 As the very last fragrant blossoms happily awaited their fate unseen, I cut several, attempting to rinse them, dry them, 'paint' them with an whisked egg white/water mixture-finishing with a gentle sprinkle of sugar on them. Turns out that rinsing under the faucet was too much water for their precious heads, and I didn't have superfine sugar to 'sprinkle' on them-so, pouring regular sugar on them--really seemed to anger them! When they dried they looked like they had just washed up on a beach somewhere..pretty seaweed-ish debris. #Fail 

Sugared Pansies or Seaweed?

Back outside this morning-hoping just a few more of these amazing pansies had dared to pop up over night...they are just so magnanimous--there they were, fragrant, fresh and ready for another attempt.  

Tiny Pansie Bouquet

Today, I decided to make them, I mixed equal parts water and sugar--brought the mixture to a boil-stirring-allowing it to cool completely. While water and sugar were boiling, I spritzed the pansies with a rose water mist instead of dunking them under running water--they responded very well to this!

Freshly Picked and Misted Pansies

 Once the pansies were dry, stems still on for my convenience, I gently dipped them in the cooled sugar water and then gently sprinkled the superfine sugar on them. (I took out my regular sugar and put about a tablespoon full into my coffee grinder....Voila...superfine sugar...the Pansies Love it!!) When they are dry I will gently cut off the stems and see how long they last in an airtight jar -they do lack a little of the sparklier look of those done properly with egg white-but, I am thrilled with how easy this was♥
Sugared Pansies Drying

and still drying... 

Within days they shrink up perfectly and are ready for beautifying.
 While inhaling their fragrance where they grow-and being completely awe-struck by their bold, beautiful colors, 
I have decided that I prefer to decorate with fresh pansies.

Monterey Bay - California - Absolutely Gorgeous ♥

Thankful to be Celebrating twenty years of Marriage in Monterey, California - so much to be thankful for! Looking back over twenty years, is of course, bittersweet. Time marches on....march with it or live with regret...well, that's what I've learned. I hope you enjoy the photos of Monterey- better yet, I hope you go there! ♥
Wendy Kolar Mullen Monterey Photos
Sailboats on the Gorgeous Monterey Bay

Wendy Kolar Mullen Monterey Photos
Pelicans and a Sailboat - Fantastic Window View from the Spindrift in Monterey

 Wendy Kolar Mullen Monterey Photos
Shells at low tide - treasure hunt!!

 Wendy Kolar Mullen Monterey Photos
El Torito Mexican Ocean View Restaurant

 Wendy Kolar Mullen Gypsy World Traveler Social Butterfly
Cannery Row Mural - Tribute to the Fishing Industry
 Wendy Kolar Mullen Monterey Photos
The Fish Hopper Ocean View Restaurant in Monterey- Two Adorable Gulls!
 Wendy Kolar Mullen Monterey Photos
Sweet Friend stayed outside window for hours ♥

AuntLali.Com...The Ice Cream Truck Anniversary Surprise!!

I grew up in the hills--we never had an "ice cream man"....I am always on the look out for one, ever listening for the one of a kind Ice Cream Truck music...I tried to chase down a truck during my summer visit to Ohio, but true to form, I only had a credit card and of course-never getting to buy something from the Ice Cream Man-I didn't know how he would feel about a credit card.
Inside THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! hear the most wonderful old time Carousel-esque version of "The Entertainer" playing magically...right outside my door! (we live in a very small town with no 
Ice Cream Trucks) 
My husband says "Run!" handing me a crumpled dollar---something a kid would have in their pocket--I said, wait, we need more I ran back to get some cash and grab my sunglasses--as, indeed I showered today--however, I was lacking in style points, the sunglasses are a great way to make it thru those moments when you wished you would have stopped playing solitaire long enough to put some BB cream on or anything--but, I had my super stylish orange tank top on and bermuda shorts...oh my gosh--worst outfit-definitely would earn the Glamour Black Bar. 
It's It Ice Cream and Choco Tacos.... Heavenly Ice Cream by Lali !
Pretending to sell Ice Cream to Patrick!

Anway!! The Ice Cream Man....turns out to be The Ice Cream WOMAN!! her name is Lali, and as I ran out to the truck-she said "Happy Anniversary Wendy" --of course, I was couldn't stop crying, such joyful tears--thankful for my sunglasses once again. 
Santa Cruz Ice Cream Truck AuntLali.Com
My old orange tank top--darn...luckily it does match a few items on the window :)

I couldn't believe it...after more than fifty years of wishing to buy ice cream from the Ice Cream she was....loading us up, letting me pretend to sell ice cream to my was WONDERFUL!! She is from Santa Cruz, California-her name is Lali - please look for her and get some fantastic ice cream...she had my favorites..."ITS-ITS"!!
AuntLali Ice Cream Santa Cruz California Wendy Kolar Mullen
Patrick and I posing with the Sweetest Ice Cream Woman that I know... Lali!!
 What a completely unexpected Surprise, My Husband is a total Sweetheart and of course Lali is as well! Lali has just earned the title of our new best friend...we adore you are the sweetest...obviously♥ 

You can find out more about Lali and where to find her...or hire her for events at

Caught the Phantom of the Opera in the Paris Opera House of course in Box number FIVE!!

Looking through some photos taken at the Grand Opera House in Paris - Palais Garnier - I seem to have 'caught' the Phantom in his private box- number five .. longing for Christine of course ♥ The Opera Garnier is so entirely Gorgeous...we were fortunte enough to see the Ballet "Joyeux" -- so lovely, what a treat!

Can You See Him? After I took this picture, he was gone...

John Michael Montgomery at the Monterey County Fair!!

What a Great Show! Very casual with a great ocean breeze...wonderful summer evening for a John Michael Montgomery was amazing!
Wendy Kolar Mullen
Very Patriotic - Love the Guitar John Michael Montgomery!
Summer of Love Monterey County Fair
Matthew laughing as I play air guitar with JMM!

Wendy Kolar Mullen Summer of Love
Me with my Summer of Love Fair Art / Map :)

Patrick, Me and Matthew Riding High on the Swings!

Gorgeous Ferris Wheel!
Wendy Kolar Mullen
Gorgeous Art by Jo Mora - Summer of Love 1967