Antique Chocolate Molds, Anton Reiche in Dresden & Milton Hershey in PA

The last time I was in Dresden and able to visit with Monica Tinhofer was in November for my "New Book Signing". Monica Tinhofer is Anton Reiche's Great-Great Granddaughter. Anton Reiche is considered to be the Greatest Chocolate Mold Manufacturer in the World. Monica is always full of very interesting facts and childhood memories--all very vivid. During lunch one day she casually stated that Anton Reiche had a wonderful friendship with Mr. Hershey in America. Immediately-I thought, darn it--way too late to get that information into my book on Antique Chocolate Molds--uh...published 5 years ago :0) So, I thought I would put the information out! Anton Reiche manufactured custom metal chocolate molds for the Hershey Company in the early 1900's--The large Hershey Block Mold is Marked Anton Reiche - Dresden, Germany. Just thought you might like to know..