Suffragettes Harassed by the Library of Congress in the year 2016! Votes for Women Sashes called Propaganda!

While attending the Jane Austen Annual Conference in Washington D.C. this past week, a friend and I dressed as Suffragettes to Commemorate almost 100 years since Women 'got' the right to VOTE!
Security at the Library of Congress did not understand our costumes- and insisted we remove our Sashes and told us we were not allowed to wear them inside the library.  Shocking!  (yes, we might have put them back on)... Anyway, our Senator, Barabara Boxer and her staff welcomed us and gave us a tour of the Capitol-walking thru the underground tunnel into the Library of Congress with our new badges- Sashes on- we were not stopped and enjoyed a lovely time in the Gorgeous Library.
Later that day-in front of The White House, the officers allowed the dogs to circle us several times, we were not cuffed and hauled away, so, possibly the dogs did not find our Votes for Women Sashes offensive- we posed near the gates where The Suffragettes picketed-with no incident...however, we felt the slightest bit of what the Suffragettes felt--a tiny understanding of the censorship from 'authorities'. We walked where the intrepid Suffragettes walked and shouted "Votes for Women" with the many enthusiastic crowd members who were excitedly photographing us.
The Sewal-Belmont House- The National Woman's Party Headquarters treated us with enthusiasm- of course!! If you haven't had a tour there--you should definitely add it to your must do list!
We also had a simply marvelous time at the Jane Austen Ball...dancing every dance, all night-our Caller, the Fabulous Susan Taylor could not have been any more delightful!
Wendy Kolar Mullen in Honor of Aunt Edith Pollock National Woman's Party President Dayton
Suffragette at Sewal-Belmont House