White Christmas in Lake Tahoe "The Air Angels Breathe" Mark Twain knew :)

We were fortunate to be able to spend a few days in Gorgeous Snow Covered Lake Tahoe before Christmas- celebrating my eldest son's 31st Birthday at Heavenly Lake Tahoe- We Love you Josiah ♥ the years have gone so quickly♥
Lake Tahoe Wendy Kolar Mullen Josiah Kolar
Josiah Kolar Mullen Wendy Kolar Mullen
♥ 20 years between the 2 sledding pictures ♥
♥Josiah & Bandit ♥

Ready for a Snowball fight?♥

Richie Kolar Trujillo Lake Tahoe Christmas
Snow Angel?♥
Lake Tahoe Wendy Kolar Mullen
Happy loser of snowball fight w/ Snow Angel ♥