Lake Erie Summer of Dreams for this girl!

Traveling to the State where my "legacy began" (my Grandparents met and married here)....Ohio, was so much more exciting than expected! Ohio is completely Green and Gorgeous and the favorite! Sitting on the shores of Lake Erie as it washes all of your cares away, allowing you to be just a girl, enjoying your life long summer dreams. Visiting Niagara Falls, Erie,Pa and its famous & most divine Chocolate Shop "Pulakos"- Antique Chocolate Molds displayed throughout the store and the most delicious creations- Heavenly really! From there, it was on to Presque Isle, Cedar Point, Cleveland (where I met the very talented woman who designed the Superman Banner when checking out of the Hyatt Regency at the Arcade -recommended by my Darling Cousin Kathy♥), Akron-where I had my nose pierced, and Cuyahoga Falls-which is a scenic wonderland-definitely recommended! To top it off, my cousin has a Blueberry farm in Ohio, where I learned how to drive a John Deere---and it was quite a treat to step out in the morning and pick a handful of ripe Blueberries for breakfast, have coffee & Kayak on the lake while the birds were happily awakening! ♥ I met so many wonderful cousins in Ohio and just fell in love with the entire state! As the age of 51 rapidly approaches the next big numbered Birthday...I would say I have learned to relax, not worry about every last detail and TRAVEL while physically capable...something to think about...and I live by the fact that if you don't plan it-it will never plan away!
Blueberry Summer!!


A Mermaid and her Cousin's Puppy...Ginger♥

Driving the John Deere in my Wonder Woman Thongs! (Flip flops)

Twin Pies Shop .Blueberry Peach Pie can't Be Beat!

Lake Erie Dreams

Twin Pies in Linesville, PA with Tractor Seating of course!!
Quaint Shop in Cuyahoga Falls

15 Mile Bike Ride on Presque Isle

Cuyahoga RailRoad

Watching Patrick enjoy Fireworks was the most fun!!

Wait...we were having fun!!

Relaxing near the shore
View of Niagara from Canadian Sky Wheel!

Patrick with the Niagara in Perfect View!

Crossing Rainbow Bridge from New York side to Canadian Side of Niagara Falls

Pre Maid of the Mist....

Maid of the Mist Adventure Niagara Falls!

Cleveland Museum of Art- Monet's Water Lilies

Like finding the Golden Ticket for Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

Inside Hyatt at the Arcade
My Cousin Carol's Fantastical Bubble Maker!
Cedar Downs Derby Ride!

Excited to Ride 1 of 2 Derby Rides left in USA!

Seriously Fun Ride! Cedar Point!!
Roller Coastering at Cedar Point!!

Laura Ingall's Wilder Museum in Iowa!

Gorgeous Lake Erie