AuntLali.Com...The Ice Cream Truck Anniversary Surprise!!

I grew up in the hills--we never had an "ice cream man"....I am always on the look out for one, ever listening for the one of a kind Ice Cream Truck music...I tried to chase down a truck during my summer visit to Ohio, but true to form, I only had a credit card and of course-never getting to buy something from the Ice Cream Man-I didn't know how he would feel about a credit card.
Inside THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! hear the most wonderful old time Carousel-esque version of "The Entertainer" playing magically...right outside my door! (we live in a very small town with no 
Ice Cream Trucks) 
My husband says "Run!" handing me a crumpled dollar---something a kid would have in their pocket--I said, wait, we need more I ran back to get some cash and grab my sunglasses--as, indeed I showered today--however, I was lacking in style points, the sunglasses are a great way to make it thru those moments when you wished you would have stopped playing solitaire long enough to put some BB cream on or anything--but, I had my super stylish orange tank top on and bermuda shorts...oh my gosh--worst outfit-definitely would earn the Glamour Black Bar. 
It's It Ice Cream and Choco Tacos.... Heavenly Ice Cream by Lali !
Pretending to sell Ice Cream to Patrick!

Anway!! The Ice Cream Man....turns out to be The Ice Cream WOMAN!! her name is Lali, and as I ran out to the truck-she said "Happy Anniversary Wendy" --of course, I was couldn't stop crying, such joyful tears--thankful for my sunglasses once again. 
Santa Cruz Ice Cream Truck AuntLali.Com
My old orange tank top--darn...luckily it does match a few items on the window :)

I couldn't believe it...after more than fifty years of wishing to buy ice cream from the Ice Cream she was....loading us up, letting me pretend to sell ice cream to my was WONDERFUL!! She is from Santa Cruz, California-her name is Lali - please look for her and get some fantastic ice cream...she had my favorites..."ITS-ITS"!!
AuntLali Ice Cream Santa Cruz California Wendy Kolar Mullen
Patrick and I posing with the Sweetest Ice Cream Woman that I know... Lali!!
 What a completely unexpected Surprise, My Husband is a total Sweetheart and of course Lali is as well! Lali has just earned the title of our new best friend...we adore you are the sweetest...obviously♥ 

You can find out more about Lali and where to find her...or hire her for events at