opening Pandora's Box! MugShots ? Of course...

If the only way to find one's ancestors is in the Mugshot book--- you hope for the best. Thinking, well, they were probably falsely accused or it was for something 'dumb'...or you find it was serious and they were convicted-and that's where you come from. You then start wondering what fabulous traits you may have inherited from this amazing group! Time reveals far too little--- my comfort, least our ears don't match.
Here is the illustrious line I come from-- J.A. Graham was a man my Great Grandmother met while visiting her husband in prison...she married him, helped him break out of jail, hid him under her house and was written up in the papers as coming after the police with her 'womanly wiles' - or what we would call a rolling pin. My Great Grandmother was obviously a woman to be reckoned with--strong and brave, but- possibly needing some extra guidance when choosing a judgement truly-- just wish I knew more. Here's the Line up.... My Great Grandfather Frank:
Great Grandfather Frank Kolar

Great Great Uncle James Kolar

Step Great Grandfather J.A. Graham
Very Happy to finally put faces to the names...I am sure they all redeemed themselves and were model citizens for years to come...yep, that's my family.. Digging into the past can truly be like opening Pandora's box- all I am left with is Hope--Hope that they redeemed themselves and didn't pass too many DNA traits on...again- no judgement.