Sugaring Old Fashioned Pansies from the Splendid Seed Savers in Iowa

Old Fashioned Pansies come with many surprises....fragrance, abundance and resilience! I LOVE these Pansies, they are "The Historic Pansies Mix" from 

Seed Savers Iowa Historic Pansies Mix Wendy Kolar Mullen
Gorgeous Pansies- Love the colors and of course the Frangrance
 They are amazing and have been blooming for months...I even found a newly opened seed pod to try for next season.  

I LOVE finding Seeds!! I am a Seed Saver! 

Yesterday, I was determined to save the last few blooms for sugaring-as I realized the summer had gone by, I had meant to sugar those pansies every time I saw and breathed in their fragrance-but, had failed to do so.
 As the very last fragrant blossoms happily awaited their fate unseen, I cut several, attempting to rinse them, dry them, 'paint' them with an whisked egg white/water mixture-finishing with a gentle sprinkle of sugar on them. Turns out that rinsing under the faucet was too much water for their precious heads, and I didn't have superfine sugar to 'sprinkle' on them-so, pouring regular sugar on them--really seemed to anger them! When they dried they looked like they had just washed up on a beach somewhere..pretty seaweed-ish debris. #Fail 

Sugared Pansies or Seaweed?

Back outside this morning-hoping just a few more of these amazing pansies had dared to pop up over night...they are just so magnanimous--there they were, fragrant, fresh and ready for another attempt.  

Tiny Pansie Bouquet

Today, I decided to make them, I mixed equal parts water and sugar--brought the mixture to a boil-stirring-allowing it to cool completely. While water and sugar were boiling, I spritzed the pansies with a rose water mist instead of dunking them under running water--they responded very well to this!

Freshly Picked and Misted Pansies

 Once the pansies were dry, stems still on for my convenience, I gently dipped them in the cooled sugar water and then gently sprinkled the superfine sugar on them. (I took out my regular sugar and put about a tablespoon full into my coffee grinder....Voila...superfine sugar...the Pansies Love it!!) When they are dry I will gently cut off the stems and see how long they last in an airtight jar -they do lack a little of the sparklier look of those done properly with egg white-but, I am thrilled with how easy this was♥
Sugared Pansies Drying

and still drying... 

Within days they shrink up perfectly and are ready for beautifying.
 While inhaling their fragrance where they grow-and being completely awe-struck by their bold, beautiful colors, 
I have decided that I prefer to decorate with fresh pansies.