100th Birthday Party at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California- Celebrating a Century of Love♥

Receiving an invitation for a 100th Birthday Party seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity...you absolutely have to go! This was such a joyous celebration of Love and Life; it is amazing what a truly Loving Woman is capable of doing in 'just' a hundred years! 'Nan'- as almost everyone calls her, is the true embodiment of sincere and heartfelt Love
 Live to Love and be Loved like Nan....a Century of LOVE... a Hundred Years spent on loving everyone around her! Perhaps a hundred years on this earth is a Gift given to those few who will use their time to Love
Happy 100th Birthday 'Nan' ... Truly the Face of Love ♥
Nan has made such wonderful use of her time, she has inspired me to be more and do more, to smile more and love more. Walking to the car after the celebration, I was reminded that we may never know how the way we treat others will affect their lives...reinforcing the need to spend more of our time here on this earth in Love and Gratitude
 ♥Happy 100th Birthday to the Face of Love...Nan♥ 
Hayes Mansion San Jose California 100th Birthday Wendy Kolar Mullen
Photo Booth Fun: When you can't reach the prop box and get stuck holding the huge beer bottle!